Ann Arbor, Michigan


I’m currently on tour with the Johnny Clegg band in north America. We’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan today for a day off after about two weeks on the road, then we carry on with the tour tomorrow. The whole thing runs with breaks until mid-August when we do the last show in Poitiers, France.

Tour bus - Ann Arbor

The Bus – Ann Arbor

I have had several questions from people about my live rig and this seems like as good an opportunity as any to write about that. Some of this may get a bit technical, but it wouldn’t be a particularly useful article without that content. Let me just say up front, that I have no commercial relationship with Kemper GmbH  (beyond having paid for their products). Maybe that will change if I write enough nice things about their kit (hehe). I do, however, have a relationship with Parker Guitars and with Lehle. Read more

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