We arrived here in Chicago around 1 pm after a ride from Ann Arbor. The venue is located a short walk from the now somewhat popularised Lincoln Park.

I had decided a while back that I was going to pick up a small Pedaltrain here (basically an aluminium board to put my guitar switchers, tuner, DI and wah on), as my current board is made of… wait for it… WOOD! It constituted 70% of the weight of my checked luggage on the way here.

So I made my way three blocks up to Guitar Center – fresh out. Lesson learned – call ahead. The Chicago Music Exchange informed me they have four in stock and they were theoretically 1.5 miles away according to my iPad, so I tootled over there in a cab (after I’d walked five city blocks in that general direction) to collect a Pedaltrain PT Jr.

I have been to Make’n Music before in Chicago, so I’ve seen what a ridiculously large guitar store looks like, but the Chicago Music Exchange was a new level of largeness. Being as I find it difficult to describe in words, I’ve just included pics below of SOME of the floorspace there. Read more

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