Anthems of a Stranger


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Andy Innes, a fusion of style, culture and stories is what he has captured in Anthems of a Stranger, the album is an epic foray into sharing his songwriting with the world. Inbetween an international touring schedule, Innes is launching his debut album at Tanz Café in Johannesburg on 6 November 2012.

This album has been many years in the making. From over 200 songs written, the compilation that is Anthems of a Stranger was carefully selected, recorded and expertly mastered for his first solo project. Andy’s instrumental talents are immense having played flute and guitar from a young age, and mandolin and Zulu guitar in his later years. It’s not surprising then that his album and its arrangements are a reflection of his musical variety as well as representing his love for stories, introducing Andy as a talented lyricist and singer.

“The current SA diaspora is a subject that moves me on many levels. Apart from the emotional impact, South Africa really needs the skills that are leaving. I believe it’s possible to find a middle ground that keeps our skilled emigrants from staying away, so as to grow the economy and transfer skills in a productive way. ‘Anthems of a stranger’ is a line that encapsulates the tragedy and philosophical absurdity of that life choice for me.”

From Aliens to Angels, and from the tabla-driven baritone acoustic dreamscape of Ride to the Sea to the immensely energetic Nuit Blanche, Innes stamps his individual vocal and guitar styles on his debut album.

Some of Andy’s friends have also lent their talents to Anthems of a Stranger, including Johnny Clegg (vocals and mouth bow), Jonathan Noyce (bass – Jethro Tull, Gary Moore), Nicolas Fiszman (bass – Dominic Miller Band), Neill Ettridge (drums – Mango Groove, Soweto String Quartet), Derek de Beer (former Savuka drummer) and a host of other top SA session musicians.

Besides the extensive musical collaborations, the album’s quality credentials read like a brag book of who’s who in music production circles, with SAMA award-winning Neal Snyman mixing the album and Hollywood multiple Grammy award-winning engineer Gavin Lurssen mastering Anthems of a Stranger.

The album was released internationally in July 2012, in conjunction with the USA Johnny Clegg tour, where fans bought the album at shows and online, according it rave reviews on Amazon and iTunes. At the time of writing it has a 5/5 star rating on both of these US music sites. Anthems of a Stranger is available countrywide in Look & Listen stores and online on iTunes across the USA, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand, as well as on and direct from Andy Innes.

To hear the songs and find out more, visit Andy Innes.

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