Anthems of a stranger


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“One of the best guitarists we have in South Africa. Anthems of a Stranger is an exceptional world-class album.” (CN, Bizradio)

“Great debut folk-rock album. My favourite track is Beyond these Mountains, however I love Angels and every instrumental track is an adventure in Andy’s brilliant gift!” (AH, San Diego)

“Whilst Andy glides through his tricky instrumental compositions drawing on classical and manouche influences with crystal clear articulation and a great sound, his uniqueness on a global scale is his ability to combine traditional Zulu guitar techniques with tearing rock/fusion improv and comping, creating his own sound which is different in flavour to other albums in this genre… I love it when I think I know what the lyrics are about, yet with a little more research I realise that I’ve totally missed the underlying meaning of a song, as this gives the compositions longevity.”(DS, Cape Town)

“Anthems of a Stranger is a muscular recent example of this genre, one that avoids the often clichéd arranged marriage of things like Afro / Celtic influences. This hybrid has more nuance and variation.” (DB, Leeds)

“This is a great album for anyone who wants to experience a fresh, new musical voice with a clean sound, from amazing musicians in the world / folk-rock genre. A few things may remind you of Jackson Browne and U2 but this is original, high-quality music. If you are a fan of Johnny Clegg and other South African musicians, there is an added bonus of having a number of excellent contributions from some old friends.” (AF, Vermont)

“Highlights include Emaweni, an instrumental built around a catchy lick (and I mean catchy, it infested my brain for half a day), album opener Ride to the Sea, Beyond These Mountains, and my favourite The Chains, where he channels Mark Knopfler with the best song Dire Straits never wrote. – JD, Toronto

“I ran into this album by coincidence and found Andy’s instrumental pieces extremely engaging and fresh. Never heard from this artist before, but I sure look forward to his next piece! BTW killer lead guitar tones!!!” – EC, Miami

“It’s not often I’ll listen to an album all the way through, but I’ve done that with Anthems of a Stranger on multiple occasions. Buy this album!” – Rob, Chicago

Love this album . . . Listen to it every morning. Gentle, beautiful, perfect.” – Peggy, Boston

Thanks to everyone for recommending this CD. Listening to it for the first time this morning and loving it!” – Sharon, Arcata

A fantastic album people!!! You should buy it now! – Kaaren, New York

“Get two for when you wear the first one out.” – Luke, Connecticut

I LOVE Gitane!” – Kerri, Cape Town

Très grande technique, excellent!!” – Alain, Paris

LOVE IT…great guitar!!!” – Bob, Boston

Great playing, oh those runs are perfect!” – Blake, Calgary

Track #4 is an infectious song called Chains. There are a number of superb instrumentals and guitar solos. The vocals are great too. Check it out.” – Andy, Vermont

“Très bon album qu’on ne se lasse pas d’écouter sur certains morceaux on retrouve bien l’esprit Clegg avec de bonnes surprises. Perso j’adoOore!!!!” – Stephanie, Martigues

ANTHEMS OF A STRANGER currently has a 5-star rating from users on iTunes and Amazon USA (April 2013)

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