Orchestral Writing: Martialis

I’ve been working pretty hard at upping my game on the orchestration and arranging side of things over the past year. Here’s one of my early orchestral offerings (my first complete composition actually – this was my orchestration 1 final a few months back – submitted from the road while touring with Clegg).

It’s called “Martialis” (Latin for “Of War” or “Warlike”). I wrote this short theme with film in mind (Adventure / Period theme music). I’m keen to hear thoughts on this (especially from other composers or orchestrators) and welcome any comments and constructive criticisms. I’m still a bit unsure if it’s strong enough after the ostinato section in the middle but let me know what you think!

Thanks to Waldo Alexander for recording tandem first and second violin parts in studio on a shoestring budget. Thanks also to the Berklee Online school Orchestration and Arranging faculty for their patience and guidance and to Tim Davies for his phenomenally excellent orchestration blog debreved.

Here’s the audio and the score:



MARTIALIS score pdf


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